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PPR pipe hot melt connection technology
Mar 17, 2016

       Whether it is welded hot-melt technology, or flange welding technology is to ensure a perfect fusion of nature, and a good application of fittings. So quality PPR pipe hot-melt technology but also to pay attention to the heat-fusible pipe fittings .PPR main connecting operation is conducive to the fuser complete fusion between the pipe after good PPR pipe welding normal installed pressure test passes, there will be no long time aging water leakage, the use of welding machine technology is fused together at the interface through an oxygen welding, This makes it possible with the same never leak PPR pipes and pipe joints will not melt PPR scaling PPR pipe scale never known, health and safety, never rust water green advanced material. most of the PPR pipe connections are way hot melt connection, and if connect well, we can not guarantee the quality of PPR pipe.

       SAM-UK PPR pipe welding require special attention:

1, the pipe member is inserted without rotation while the heater for heating the joints;

2, the power tool reaches the melt temperature (250℃ ~ 270) indicator light can only start operation; 3, pipe and pipe connection end faces must be clean, dry and free of oil;

4, no rotation of the tube segment import heating jacket, the depth of insertion identified, while rotating the tubular member without introducing a heating head, reaches a predetermined mark at the heating time shall be specified by the manufacturer to perform a hot-melt tools.

5, so that PPR pipe welding after naturally cooled to a predetermined time, to complete the connection. PPR pipe hot melt connection to pay attention to what issues?

1, PPR pipe fittings to connect when a hot-melt way, do not set directly above the wire, and metal pipe connection flange connection can be used, and when the water is connected must be made of metal insert tube member;

2, during the time of construction must use reliable hot melt tool, so you can ensure the quality of the melt;

3, the use of specialized building materials to cut the pipe, the incision should be smooth, no glitches;

4, for pipe welding where clean, do not let sand, dirt these affect the quality of the joint, with and want to pipe size welding matches the thermal head fixed in the fuser above, the power to pass on the head so that the heating to achieve the most suitable temperature;

5, can be used in a pipe above the pencil remember what welding depth;

6, the pipe and fittings into the welding device which, according to the time required to heat.