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Teach you how to identify the quality of PPR pipe
Mar 17, 2016

1. "touch": whether the delicate texture of the particles is uniform. PPR pipe on the market today there are several colors lime green, under normal circumstances, do not recycle plastic white, so many people tend to believe that white is the best, in fact, this relatively one-sided point of view. With the update technology, improve the color is not distinguish PPR pipe quality standards. Is good or bad, to see not solve the problem, touch, coarse particles are likely to be incorporated into the other impurities.
2. "smell": there is no odor. The main material is polypropylene PPR pipe, pipe does not smell good, smell the difference there is likely to be a blend of polyethylene, polypropylene instead.
3. "pinch": PPR pipe has a considerable hardness, casually deformed pipe can be molded into, certainly not PPR pipe.
4. "hit": Good PPR pipe, "resilience" Well, of course, not too easy to smash a good PPR pipe. But not equal to the hardness of strong elastic good, how are hit not broken PPR pipe, we will leave doubts. Because some unscrupulous manufacturers by adding too much calcium carbonate and other impurities to improve the hardness of the pipe, so that effective long prone to brittle fracture.
5. "burn": a burning fire, it is intuitive and very useful. Raw material mixture of recycled plastic and other impurities PPR pipe will be black smoke, pungent odor; not only does black smoke after a good material combustion, odorless, after combustion, the liquid melt is still very clean